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Emily Hodges, Chief of Staff @ Risk Ledger

“At the start of 2022, our customers loved us, we'd even sometimes get a “wow!" from prospects on a sales demo, but our website and other written collateral just wasn't working. Unless they'd spoken to one of our team directly, people were often confused about what Risk Ledger does, why it's different and why it's better than what they're currently doing. This was putting off potential new hires during a critical growth phase, as well as putting off our target audience.

We wanted to bring some of that demo wow-factor through into our upfront marketing. As a small team, we knew we'd need some external help to get this right. Initially, we engaged with a few different agencies, but nothing felt quite right. The proposals we received were good, but they just weren't us. As a startup we need to make quick bursts of progress as we iterate on all fronts rather than undertaking big projects, trying to reach a state of 'finished'.

Then, through a chance introduction, we met Corissa. She understood. Her lean zero-to-one core messaging package involved Corissa shadowing lots of sales calls and conducting in-depth interviews with lots of the Risk Ledger team to find the common thread of transformation among our happiest customers and distill what makes Risk Ledger different from (and better than!) traditional supply chain security solutions.

Through Corissa's work with us, over a matter of weeks we went from a website that nobody felt comfortable sharing to core messaging and marketing collateral that is actively helping us achieve our business goals.”

Bailey Kursar, CEO @ Touco

"I did Corissa's customer messaging workshop while working on the brand identity of the app I was building. I found it really valuable to spend time going over who the customer is, what they do and what they want.

I know that having an outside expert perspective is important when designing messaging, since it's so easy to get caught not seeing the wood for the trees when you're in charge of a project. It was fun to think about it in a creative way, and to really dig into the 'why' behind Touco. Worth noting it's a long session that will make you think!

The framework that followed on from the session covered a lot of important things like call to action, benefits and trust credentials and brought them all together really well. I came away from the experience thinking up taglines and messages, and we were able to create a clear landing page for our product and continued to develop the messaging from there over the next year. Super helpful. There's no use having a great product if people don't get why it'll work well for them and new users can’t get excited about using it.”

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